We were so pleased with our trip to Cesky Krumlov that we decided to book a tour to Pilsen with the same company. I should have stuck to my original plan and gone on the train! The driver and guide were very poor to say the least and because of traffic delays we only had 20 minutes to spend getting refreshments and having a look around the town of Pilsen. Most of that time was spent in the loo!

We were led on foot to the Pilsen brewery and left in the gift shop to fend for ourselves and the heavens opened. Eventually we were herded across the well-puddled road to the visitor centre and given our tickets. The tour of the brewery was excellent and well presented – even though all action in the plant had come to a standstill. We were taken down into the cellars where the beer is stored and given a sample of the brew. Very nice too, although Dollup didn’t like it so I had to drink her share as well!

On the way back to Prague I discovered that my seatbelt wasn’t actually attached to anything and although we made loud complaints the tour people and the driver couldn’t of cared less. Complaint is ongoing …